The town-formerly referred to as Nordhoff- was a standard frontier settlement. Ramshackle buildings lined the primary street. Treacherous mud-holes filled the road. Then, as if touched by a magic wand, the town was changed into a thing of beauty. The shacks and shanties are still there, but they wear a disguise. A lengthy, Spanish arcade hides their ugliness. A stately Spanish tower rises above and incloses the post office. Across the road a low wall with arches surrounds a all-natural park, tennis courts, and clubhouse. Smooth boulevards, towering shade trees, riding paths, country places, hotels, and residences with wide verandas and gorgeous vistas, have been constructed.

One with the town's major citizens had a vision. He bought 10 acres of land around the side with the street opposite the shops swiss patek philippe replica watches , laid out the park, and built the pergola along the street. The storekeepers were quick to view the contrast among their old worn-out buildings, and started a campaign of improvement. A uniform arcaded concrete front connecting each of the stores was built. At a price of some hundred dollars, each storekeeper soon identified himself the owner of a constructing not merely of considerably higher value but in addition of a lot more appealing look .

The post office was faced with cement and also the tower built more than it. A new hotel along the identical architectural lines was erected, and guests discovered some inducement to stay inside the town as opposed to passing immediately by way of.

The whole undertaking furnishes encouraging proof that the craving for beauty pervades even smaller sized communities, whose former isolation, maybe, was the only explanation why this spirit has not prior to expressed itself in visible improvement.

The entire work price $50,000. Nordhoff was an eyesore; Ojai is a well-liked resort. Other communities use it as a pattern.


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THE transformation of a shack-and-shanty town into a place of architectural delight, practically overnight, is definitely the accomplishment on the citizens of Ojai, Calif. fake patek philippe Cement turned the trick. u boat watch

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